sovereign high security fund goodwood segregated portfolio
positive incremental returns irrespective of what is happening in the markets

The Goodwood Segregated Portfolio (or “Goodwood” for short) is one of a number of investment opportunities that is brought to you by Sovereign High Security Fund, an international mutual fund that was launched in 2004 to provide investors with a series of innovative investment opportunities to achieve long term capital growth.

The Goodwood portfolio has been specifically tailored to provide investors with an opportunity to achieve smooth predictable investment returns. The investment management team have adopted a particularly defensive strategy that favours stable yields with more conservative growth targets. The primary concentration of holdings in the portfolio is weighted towards asset classes that will achieve the stated objectives without undue volatility.

It achieves this by investing in a mixture of absolute return and fixed income assets which are both renowned for their low volatility characteristics that are most favoured during unstable market conditions. The investment management team blend these two non-correlated asset classes to maximise investment returns in a stable investment environment.